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Jenny: The E! True Hollywood Story

To People of All Signs! Let's Unite!

Hello fellow members of the zodiac. My name is Jen so I am an Aquarian and I have lately been reinvigorated in becoming more interested in surrounding myself with all astrological signs. I realized that so many of my friends tend to be grouped into a couple zodiac signs and I sometimes know almost “nothing” about certain signs.

So I decided to start a new community! (Who doesn’t these days!) astrologyadvice. I am hoping that this community will be a little different from your average community. Instead of focusing on one sign I want there to be members of ALL signs here.

It will be a great place to get advice in relationships beyond what the average astrological websites tell you. I know because many times I have found myself in relationships with signs and the “books” said these weren’t ideal relationships. It doesn’t mean you should abandon them. It just means things get rocky and you need to learn more about each other because its not always as easy.

So here is the perfect place for such that! So in short this is a community less about horoscopes but more about talking with people of your sign, of your boyfriend/girlfriend’s sign or anything random. Post here about anything.

This is a place for advice on life, love, and all things under the stars.

astrologyadvice Join Now!!
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