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Sun - Gemini
Ascendant - Aries
Moon - Cancer
Venus - Gemini

and errr.. what else really matters. ahha i jest. but yeah.. im new here. new to live journal in general.. cuz shocker shocker BLURTY SUCKS.

im a 16 year old girl not sound of mind.
i ride horses, play bass, draw,
and never
ever stop writing.

I do find some other Gem's annoying... GOD WHY SO LOUD AND BUBBLY CHILL OUT!! bUt others i get along with brilliantly. Gemini guys are an area that i won't touch. I got involved with ONE and of course he got indecisive, played me, and went back to someone else.

My mom is a Gemini too.. and my dad's a Virgo.. making this a really interesting family.

I'll be updating in here periodically.. feel free to comment or if you want to talk to me leave your aim name and I'll add you to my buddy list so you aren't blocked! my sn is lLVixenII.

woop woop.
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