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fresh meat

well this sounds like an interesting concept.

name - heather
age - 21
dob - may 31
moon - aquarius
ascendant - scorpio

other fun facts:

*both of my parents are geminis, as was the cat i had for the first 19 years of my life. the 2 cats i have now are geminis.

*i'm married to a sagittarius which means nothing more than never a dull moment. it's, obviously, the best relationship i've ever been involved in and it had the most interesting start. it takes a crazy to get a gemini to settle down.

*talk about self-loathing ... i simply do not get along with scorpios(like my vile mother in law, for example), yet i'm a scorpio rising. at least i can play their games better than they can, thanks to the gemini duality.

that's about all i can muster at this early hour. surprisingly, both of the twins are pretty groggy right now. has anyone checked out astro.com, by the way? interesting stuff.
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